World’s Championship BBQ Contest hosts ‘senses’ tour for visually impaired Rare media library
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Houston rodeo-goers with visual impairments enjoyed a special “five sense tour” to relish in some of the most amazing BBQ using their other senses at the rodeo Friday and through weekend.

Visitors could smell and taste the phenomenal food showcased at the World’s Championship Bar-B-Que Contest, talk with the chefs and explore the novel props competing teams used to decorate their tents.

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“I really want us to experience all the time and effort that went into decorating these tents,” one guide said.

Hosts assist participants through the tents, who described the objects they felt, like a craft lamp or string of lights fashioned from old shotgun casings.

Team tents are usually open by invitation only, but visitors on this tour were allowed in.

This is the tour’s fourth year.

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