You’ve got to see this 9-hour time lapse of yesterday’s crazy storm YouTube/Oso Grande

You know you’re from Houston if weather extremes like these don’t surprise you.

The combination of low geography, hit-or-miss man-made flood control systems and sprawling urban landscape make Houston a prime spot for torrential weather conditions.

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On average, heavy rains like Sunday’s storm make for 4-5 days of flooding a year in Houston – one of the highest rates in the nation.

Yesterday’s weather ultimately forced event officials to cancel the city’s annual Free Press Summer Fest, but regular scenes like this have primed Houstonians to anticipate the worst.

2016 was particularly wet for the Houston.

For instance, on April 18, within the span of 14 hours at the Cypress Creek, Spring Creek, and Adicks watersheds, nearly 140 billion gallons of rainwater were collected during a severe storm that left the city as an actual bayou.


2017 isn’t shaping up to be any different, but it’s nothing Houstonians haven’t dealt with before. And anything is still better than Dallas.


Hang in there, Houston!

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