40 Million at Risk of Widespread Power Outages Due to Deadly Ice Storm

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An ice storm that is extending from central Texas to the middle of Arkansas and soon beyond is threatening to leave millions without power.

Already, the National Weather Service has issued Winter Storm and Ice Storm Warnings for residents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, as well as cities located south of the area, such as Waco and Austin. The warnings currently extend as far west as Abilene, San Angelo and Junction.

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Videos by Rare

Along with that, freezing rain is being reported in Little Rock, Ark., and Memphis, Tenn., leading to Ice Storm Warnings in those states as well.

Stay Warm, Texas

Up to 40 million could be without power as a result of the ice, per reports, adding to the havoc created already.

Per Fox Weather: “Driving proved nearly impossible for morning and evening commutes for millions on Monday and Tuesday. Rain or slushy snow fell through warm air to the surface that was freezing below. That water then solidified into a sheet of ice along the Interstate 35 corridor from Oklahoma City to Dallas.”

Multiple crashes have been reported in the affected regions, with bridges and overpasses called “treacherous” by White Settlement, Texas, police chief Christopher Cook.

40 Million at Risk

Along with that, flights have been delayed or canceled altogether, with Dallas airports calling off more than 500 flights as of late Monday.

It is estimated that up to a half-inch of ice, accretion is possible in West Texas up to North Texas and southern Oklahoma, as well in parts of Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi.

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