Cops Who Took Down Nashville Shooter Are Marine Veteran and SWAT Paramedic


The officers who gunned down Nashville shooter Audrey Hale have plenty of experience in the field.

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One of them, Michael Collazo is a nine-year veteran of the police force and was among those first responding to the 2020 bombing at the Tennessee capital, per Fox News.

The other, Rex Engelbert, is a former Marine and SWAT team paramedic. He had received a department commendation for “precision policing” earlier this month.

Both Collazo, 31, and Elngelbert, 27, are being hailed as heroes for taking out Hale, a transgender female who murdered six children at the Covenant School earlier this week.

Cops Take Down Nashville Shooter

Bodycam footage showed the officers rushing into the school and ending Hale’s reign of terror and life.

Veteran police trainer Betsy Brantner Smith of the National Police Association told Fox News that the Collazo and Englebert could be used in a “training video” for the way they attacked the situation.

“Look at the minute they heard shots fired,” Smith told Fox. “What did they say? ‘Shots fired! Shots fired! Move, move move!’ They went faster, rifles first.

“They’re in there, patting each other on the back. They’re doing all the right things to encourage each other, knowing they’re putting themselves in harm’s way, running toward gunshots to stop that shooter.”

Former DEA special agent David Katz added that President Joe Biden should thank Collazo and Englebert personally.

“These guys need to be recognized and honored,” Katz said. “Our president should bring these guys both to the White House and put a medal on their chests.”

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