DoorDash Driver Accused of Flirting With 15-Year-Old Girl On App

America is a nation known for its convenience. We take the luxurious and expedient route in every industry. Our products come with the perk of next-day delivery, our streaming services have the option to opt out of advertisements and commercials, and even the lights in our homes can be automated with the touch of a button on our smartphones. This readily-available excess of ease comes with its pitfalls. The thing about convenience is that everyone has access to it, and there’s always someone out there trying to take advantage.

A Booming Industry

DoorDash is a company that has gained traction over the years as one of the best food delivery services in the industry. Customers can place orders from thousands of restaurants and have the meals delivered right to their door. On the employee side, getting started with DoorDash is fairly easy — you just need to be over 18, have a vehicle, and have some form of legal identification.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Some people have turned DoorDash into a full-time gig while others have used the service to make money on the side. Unfortunately, in recent events, one of the unauthorized uses of the app is being inappropriate with young customers.

A Creepy Encounter

TikTok has birthed yet another viral video that has left its viewers outraged. A mother under the social handle OfficialLilWolf disclosed a disturbing encounter that her daughter had with a DoorDash driver. The fifteen-year-old was bombarded with several flirtatious messages from the adult male inquiring about her dating life and calling her “just too cute.”

The mother went on to explain that her daughter couldn’t have possibly been mistaken for an adult woman, thus perpetuating her discomfort with the terrifying situation. DoorDash and the local police department have been notified.

She closes out the video by calling on the company to improve its employee selection. “DoorDash, if you’re seeing this, you really need to screen your drivers a little better.”

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