Drunk Driver Who Killed Bride Allegedly Sobbed After Learning Her Life ‘Was Going To Be Over’

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Jamie Lee Komoroski, the drunk driver who caused a fatal crash that took the life of new bride Samantha Hutchinson in South Carolina, has been very vocal while in police custody. Shockingly, she appears to be more concerned with how the situation affects her rather than the victims she harmed, but she has expressed some remorse.

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While speaking with her family, jailhouse recordings of Hutchinson reveal the alleged drunk driver saying, “I can’t believe this is my life and my whole life is going to be over. Oh my God. I just can’t believe this happened to me. Why me? I’m going to be here for years and years and years and years.”

Drunk Driver’s Jailhouse Conversations

When Komoroski’s father told her to “suck it up,” the woman said,  “I can’t. I want it to be over.” During another phone call with her father, the man said, “You don’t need to be sorry, Jamie, this is what happened and we’re going to take care of it. We don’t care about what happened. We don’t care. We care only about you.”

Komoroski did eventually seem to express some remorse for the death of Hutchinson and the severe injuries of Hutchinson’s groom, Aric Hutchinson, who is suing Komoroski and the bars who served her drinks while she was already intoxicated. She said, “I didn’t mean it to happen. I just feel like a terrible person, like, I didn’t mean for any of that to happen.” Komoroski crashed into a golf cart that was carrying the Hutchinsons in Folly Beach, causing it to flip over multiple times. Aric suffered from a brain injury among many other injuries, and other passengers in the golf cart were injured as well.

When Komoroski was first detained, she reportedly banged her head against a desk when she was denied a phone call. Days later, she told friends, “There’s been people that have, like, killed people on purpose before and, like, they’ve gotten out on a bond.” She also issued a warning, telling them not to be “stupid like I was because all it takes is one time.”

Komoroski, who was three times over the legal limit during the crash, is currently in jail without bail and is awaiting trial. The woman’s lawyers are attempting to get her released on a $100,000 bail, as long as she attends an inpatient rehabilitation program. When Komoroski told her father, “But I wanted to make sure that I could say an apology and they said I would be able to say an apology,” he said, “Listen, stop talking about it,” and you’re going to have to do time.”

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