Farmers Almanac Predicts a ‘Soggy, Shivery’ Spring

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Heads up, Spring weather predictions have officially been released. With the Spring Equinox beginning on March 20th, the Farmers Almanac is predicting whether or not this cold weather will be cut short, or will continue.

Since 1818, the Farmers Almanac has published weather predictions on a yearly basis on “generations of perception, experience, and common sense.” This spring, there are forecasting a “soggy, chivalry spring ahead,”  across the United States with the exception of the Southwest and a few western states such as Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

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The Farmers Almanac is noting that overall it will still be unseasonably cold around the Spring Equinox, also known as a Vernal Equinox,  as well as predicts Punxsutawney Phil’s Groundhog Day.  According to the forecast, Arizona spring will continue its warm to hot dry temperature progression for the rest of the year. It will then start to get warm around march.

Editor of the farmer’s almanac, Peter Geiger, said that Arizona can expect heat later this spring around may. Don’t worry there will be no cold or humidity, but unfortunately, there will be another dry heat Spring with sizzling summers. “What we’re seeing is mild and drier than normal for spring,” Geiger stated.

Geiger Stated that the Almanac predictions come from a formula that was created by the first editor of the application, who was an astronomer and a mathematician. The formula uses sunspot activity and the effect that the moon has on Earth in order to be able to predict the weather around two years in advance.

Farmers Almanac Predicts Spring Weather

The Almanac is predicting February 4th to the 7th to have cold dry weather in Arizona, but no worries there should be no complications for Super Bowl Sunday. As Valentine’s Day approaches, from February 12th to the 15th we can expect fair weather turning quite unsettling. It is predicting winds and showers for the end of the month. 

Breaking down the areas a little bit, in the West, specifically California, you will experience a wet beginning of the year, but will likely have the warmest temperatures in the country. The Almanac is predicting California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona to have “ warm to hot and dry weather.”

In the Pacific Northwest, it will be the only region to have a typical spring, with the forecast being “seasonal temperatures and precipitation,” which applies to areas in Washington Oregon and Idaho.

In the midwest, we will see coolish temperatures with above-normal precipitation. This applies to  Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri.

In the southwest, a stormy Spring is forecasted with the region having near-normal temperatures with plenty of thunderstorms and showers. The Springtime also unfortunately marks the beginning of tornado season. This forecast applies to Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

According to the Almanac, in the great lakes, you will have the most unique weather having a “cool, very stormy”  spring but snow will continue to fall until April. This forecast applies to Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

Sorry Florida, it looks like you as well as other states in the South will have a “near normal spring temp, tons of showers.  With the Northeast having “mild temperatures near normal precipitation”  all the way from Maryland to Maine.

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