MLB Removes LGBTQ+ Logo, Not Due to Boycott

Conservatives in America are celebrating what they see as a victory in their ongoing boycott of organizations that show support for social issues. Recently, Major League Baseball (MLB) changed its Facebook profile picture to feature the Pride flag in recognition of LGBTQ+ Pride Month. However, the logo was reverted back to the standard one the following day. Many conservative voices on Twitter claimed this change as a “victory” in their boycott efforts.

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The boycotts initially gained momentum due to objections to a partnership between transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney and Bud Light. Since then, several companies like Target, Kohl’s, The North Face, and PetSmart have been targeted for their support of the LGBTQ+ community. Conservatives have encouraged people to continue boycotting these companies, leading to decreased sales and stock prices. The boycotts are expected to continue throughout June as companies offer LGBTQ+ merchandise for Pride month.

Conservatives considered the removal of the MLB Pride logo from social media as another win. However, the league clarified that the change had been planned and was not a response to the boycott. MLB stated that they always intended to recognize the start of Pride Month on June 1, and the logo change was part of that plan. Furthermore, the change coincided with Lou Gehrig Day, a league-wide celebration. MLB later updated its profile picture to reflect this event as originally intended.

The LGBTQ+ debate has extended to professional sports, including baseball. The Los Angeles Dodgers faced criticism for awarding a community hero award to The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, an LGBTQ+ nonprofit group. The Dodgers also invited the group to their annual LGBTQ+ Pride Night. This decision sparked a backlash from conservative and religious figures who accused the organization of disrespecting the Catholic faith.

Initially, the Dodgers withdrew the award and invitation due to the backlash but later reinstated them, reigniting the criticism. Additionally, pitcher Anthony Bass of the Toronto Blue Jays promoted the boycott of Bud Light and Target on his Instagram story, but he later apologized for his post.

Different companies and organizations have responded differently to the boycotts. Some have struggled to find their stance amidst the backlash, while others have reaffirmed their support for the LGBTQ+ community.

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