Britney Spears once did the Top 10 list in a bikini, and we were not focused on the list YouTube Screenshot

David Letterman would have probably beaten his long time nemesis Jay Leno in the ratings had he done more of this.

Britney Spears has been back in play lately, though, unsurprisingly getting a big nudge from her performance at the Billboard Music Awards last month. And her return to form, at least from a hotness standpoint, has been well-documented on Instagram and other social media in the form of super sexy bikini pics.

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Spears’ Las Vegas residency show, Piece of Me, is taking full advantage, as she’s been getting racier than ever with her outfits, performances and public image. That could have something to do with young artists like Taylor Swift having displaced her at the top of the pop game over the past half decade or so, but who cares? She’s back and looking about as good as ever.

In this clip from her 2009 appearance on Letterman, Britney counts down a Top 10 list and proves that a hot chick in a bikini can make anything seem like the best thing ever.

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