Nerds and non-nerds alike are drooling because this sexy gamer has done a video in lingerie YouTube Screenshot

A female video gamer that goes by the moniker LegendaryLea has done the impossible. She’s somehow managed to make gaming sexy.

The 26-year-old looker from California, whose real name is Lea May, made waves recently when she accidentally flashed during a livestream of her gaming on the website Twitch. (May regularly webcasts a live stream of her playing video games for her thousands of fans)

After a string of complaints, she ended up being banned from the site for a month, but just as many gamers flocked to her side in support. And it’s easy to see why.

Here, LegendaryLea poses for a Playboy shoot, further proving that when it comes to the mostly male nerd gaming world, she’s the hottest thing to ever touch an Xbox controller.

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