Oh my lord! Scarlett Johansson is so hot she just melted our screen YouTube Screenshot

Scarlett Johansson is at the peak of her fame.

Everywhere you look these days, the New York City native is headlining an all-star cast in another blockbuster super-hero flick. And her wide-ranging appeal is, quite frankly, universally understood.

In addition to her status an an A-list actor and de facto Hollywood sex symbol, Johansson also models and sings. Yes, sings. Not a lot of people know that about her, but in 2008, Johansson released a studio album entitled Anywhere I Lay My Head. It consisted of one original song and 10 covers of Tom Waits songs, and the album garnered rave reviews.

Yes, she’s got talent for days, but, much more importantly, she’s one of the hottest chicks on the planet. Here’s a little refresher, in case it somehow slipped your mind.

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