She’s the worst tennis player ever, and who cares? We’re watching something bounce besides the ball YouTube Screenshot

She won?t be winning the U.S. Open any time soon (or at all) but she?s definitely won my heart. So much so that I?d learn how to play tennis, just so I could help her not be as bad as she is.

Her name is Elizabeth Anne Pelayo and while that?s all we know about her personally, I think it?s fair to say she loves showing off her gigantic boobs

There?s one, or two, obvious reasons for why she?s not suited for the sport, and Hell would freeze over before any intelligent person suggested she lose them to become better. Tennis has the Williams sisters and Maria Sharapova, we will do just fine with this new babe being terrible on the court, but great at everything else.

[h/t Break]

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