sleep with donald trump (AP Photo/Tim Larsen)
Donald Trump, third from left, and Carmen Electra, right, pose with the Deal or No Deal Girls at Trump's 61st Birthday Bash at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, N.J. on Saturday, June 16, 2007. (AP Photo/Tim Larsen), the flagship for website for adult entertainment, has released some interesting stats concerning our new president-elect.

Alexa (the ranking website, not the talking fish) states that the site is the 32nd most popular in the United States and the 61st most popular worldwide; 22.6% of their visitors are in America. To put that in perspective, Alexa ranks as the 35th most popular website domestically. It seems Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity are taking a back seat to the ladies of the night this election season.

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The site monitored statistics relating to Donald Trump and the rest of the first family throughout election night and the following days. The spike in traffic is surprising, to say the least; it seems there are more politically-minded voyeurs than we thought.

The Montreal-based website stated that “together, the Trumps accounted for nearly 250,000 Pornhub searches on November 9th.” And though Tiffany, the Donald’s youngest daughter, was the star of the show, the website said that “Donald Trump still remains the most popular Trump by raw search volume, mostly due to the large number of porn parodies produced in his honor.”

The site updated their report on the 15th when they stated that while most of the search terms related to the Trump family have dropped to their normal numbers, “searches for Tiffany are up +9128%.”

This was not the first time that Trump-related searches got a bump on the nation’s favorite NSFW site. There were spikes in Cleveland while the RNC was underway (including a 421% increase in the category “gay-hunks”), and after Donald Trump told his Twitter followers to “check out sex tape” of Alicia Machado, she became the most searched name on the site.

While our future president has appeared in an adult film himself, the New York Post reported in August that Trump plans to crack down on internet porn by “requiring schools and public libraries using government eRate monies to filter child pornography and pornography by requiring effective oversight by the Federal Communications Commission.”

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