40-Year-Old Janitor Graduates from College She Cleaned for 14 Years

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Talk about an inspiring story. Sthembile Mngwengwe, a 40-year-old woman from  South Africa, has officially earned her Bachelor’s degree in Social Science from the same University where she once worked as a cleaner for 14 years. She always wanted to continue her studies after she graduated high school back in 1998. Unfortunately, her parents weren’t able to send her to college at that time due to money struggles.

But, in 2018, after working as a cleaner at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, she was able to study there for free. But, unfortunately having been out of school for nearly 20 years, she went on to admit that it wasn’t as easy as it was before. 

“Balancing work and studies gave me a lot of stress,” Mngwengwe told News24. “But if you work hard and pray to God, He will help you to achieve what you want.”

Sthembile Mngwengwe Graduates!

News 24

She went on to use her good time management in order to juggle her work and her studies to earn her degree. She said that working at the University and seeing the professors at their offices when she cleaned inspired her to pursue higher education. 

“I was motivated by being on campus too, seeing students walking up and down going to their lecture theaters to attend classes made me wish to be them,” she noted.

She was also very motivated by her daughter and her colleagues who had supported her along her journey. Mngwengwe hopes to inspire other people to pursue their dreams even though they seem impossible at first. 

“No matter how old you are you can still fulfill your dreams,” she said. “Age is just a number — look at me completing my first degree at the age of 40. It’s a blessing and I’m so proud of myself.”

It is an inspiring story indeed!

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