A “Bachelorette” contestant owns the trademark to “Whaboom,” and it isn’t who you think

No kidding: someone’s got the trademark to “Whaboom,” and it isn’t Lucas Yancey, the originator of the phrase.

Yancey made noise on the show as the contestant who made the most noise. But in the end, it was just noise to Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay, who denied him a rose this week. He credits the loss to “obvious ‘obsessive dude’ reasons.”

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare


He’s got a plan for “Whaboom,” it seems; if nothing else, the shirts are already selling. Yancey now says “profits and proceeds” from Whaboom shirts are going to charity. With t-shirts and a “Whaboom song” debuting “soon,” it sounds like Yancey’s put quite a plan together.

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Just one problem: Someone already owns “Whaboom.” And it’s another “Bachelorette” contestant!

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Chad Johnson says he bought the trademark on the phrase after Yancey wasn’t immediately eliminated. He was surprised that it hadn’t been trademarked, but filed for it hoping to at least “double his money.”

But negotiations between the two fell through, and Johnson rescinded his patent application. So until Yancey buys it, it’s back on the market. Looking to own the “Whaboomness” for yourself? You can.

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