Following an accident that landed a young girl in the hospital, her father’s plea for thoughts and prayers has managed to go viral in just a little over a week.

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Jared Clark’s 10-year-old daughter, Chloe, was hit by a plywood beam that fell from the roof of a house he was working on.

Clark knew the accident was a bad one, saying “As soon as I heard the scream I knew we were going to the emergency room, I knew it was bad enough just from the sound.” But Clark had no way of knowing that the freak incident would send his daughter into a potentially deadly downward spiral. Chloe had developed spinal meningitis, an infection of the spinal cord, as a result of the accident.

Clark has been sharing updates about his daughter on Facebook, and his pleas for prayers have already reached hundreds of thousands of people. WCNC reports that the post has “been shared more than 5,000 times, viewed more than 680,000 times.”

Chloe is on the mend, and just today, the family received some of the best news yet.

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“We just received the best news,” Clark wrote on Facebook. “The MRI and the CT scan confirmed that the thrombosis is not there anymore!!! She just walked 2 laps around the ‘wing’ and she played Simon says with the physical therapist. Our Chloe is one amazing girl!!! She is requesting a doughnut. God is continuing to work great things for our family and we’re truly thankful!!!”

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