A kind stranger didn’t know the anniversary this family was marking, but they took it as a sign KLTV screenshot

It could have been just serendipity, but a Texas family sees something bigger at work.

KLTV reports in September, Ashley and Aaron Rush marked a dubious anniversary, the still birth of Liam, who would have been their third child.

“I was mad at myself,” Ashley Rush said. “I was mad at everybody who said ‘Oh it happens for a reason, you’ll find out that reason’. Well, I’m not finding it out yet.”

In August, she gave birth to daughter Addilynn and in September, they marked one year since losing Liam by going to Pizza Hut. Pizza was Ashley Rush’s favorite food during pregnancy.

“Pizza; any kind of pizza,” she said,

When their check came. though, that’s when they got a surprise. The $28.04 bill had written across the top “Secret Guest Paid.”

“The waitress comes up and she’s like I don’t know if this is going to make you cry, make you happy, make you laugh, but that gentleman that was sitting across from you said that he felt in his heart that he needed to pay for your meal,” Ashley Rush said.

The stranger, they said, could have had no way of knowing what brought them there, so they feel like it was a gesture that came from beyond, from Liam himself, to restore their faith.

“I’d like to think so; I’d really like to think it did. ‘Why?’ To give me some hope,” Ashley Rush said. “To have somebody pay for our meal on the birthday that we were celebrating for him was kind of like ‘Hey mom, I’m going to buy my own meal today.”

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