A guy and a girl walk naked into their empty house, and walk back out with a baby on the way.

Thus was the case for reality show contestants Ali and Justin, who appeared on the premiere of Bravo’s brow-raising new show, “Stripped.” For 21 days they were followed by cameras to live their lives as normal, except for the fact that they were stripped of all their material possessions, which included clothes.

Ali and Justin had to continue going to work with no money, car or material possessions, but were allowed to retrieve one item per day. This forced them to decide what things mattered the most — which they did in their birthday clothes. They used this time away from their electronics, furniture and even their toothbrushes to focus on their relationship and plan for their future. And plan they did — all over the couch.

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Given the chance, the first thing Justin grabbed from their storage bin when he got the chance was said couch, which turned out to be a fateful decision because six months after filming, the pair revealed that Ali was pregnant. According to the expectant mother, the math lines right up to their first nights in the buff.

While exciting for the parents-to-be, it likely won’t be all that fun for their future son or daughter to find out when and how they were conceived!

“Stripped” airs Tuesday nights on Bravo at 10 p.m.

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