A new character on “Blue Bloods” had fans hoping it’s finally time for Frank to find love Twitter/Blue Bloods on CBS!
Twitter/Blue Bloods on CBS!

On Friday’s episode of “Blue Bloods” Frank’s storyline takes an interesting turn with the introduction of a potential love interest, Trudy Slaughter played by Mimi Rogers, and the actress made such a positive impact on fans that they were begging her to return to the show for more episodes:

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The episode begins with artist Trudy Slaughter tossing her supplies out the window because she’s being evicted. Jamie and Eddie promptly arrive on the scene to get things under control, and the tearful woman explains that she’s lived there for several decades and doesn’t want to leave. Jamie, however, is forced to arrest her for noncompliance. Archbishop Kearns later approaches Frank on Trudy’s behalf, asking him to convince the district attorney to drop the charges. While Erin eats breakfast in a cafe, a woman approaches her and screams at her that her husband is dead, and it’s all Erin’s fault. Meanwhile, Danny struggles to explain his wife’s death to his son. He and Baez tackle a case in which a basketball player was found dead of an apparent overdose.

When Frank discovers the evicted artist’s name, he mysteriously comments that he “knows her.” He then quietly contemplates what to do next. Determined to figure out why the woman in the cafe yelled at her, Erin tracks her down and finds out that her husband was convicted of attacking another woman years ago after representing himself in court. She believes he’s innocent, even though the jury took a mere hour of deliberation to determine his guilt, and is rotting in jail. When the woman mentions the date March 24, 2008, Erin gets strangely quiet and excuses herself. Later, she reveals to her daughter that the trial occurred on the same day she and her husband got divorced and wonders if she did help wrongfully convict him.


Danny and Baez begin looking into the basketball player’s possible ties to a drug gang. While interviewing the player’s friend, who also sells cocaine, Danny insinuates he may have tried to cut his friend “down to size” for thinking he’d give him the drugs for free. The player’s friend, however, denies any wrongdoing. Danny later discovers the basketball player had very little cocaine in his system and died from a combination of substances used in executions. Frank visits Trudy in attempt to help her and enlists her to paint his portrait for a $1,000 stipend. It’s clear they know each other, but neither says how.

At the Reagan family dinner, everyone hounds Frank on why he let Trudy off with just community service. Frank plays it off as a good deed, but the rest of the family is still suspicious and notes how attractive Trudy is. Baez tells Danny that the basketball player’s agent took out a life insurance plan on him, and his brother is a doctor, meaning he may have had knowledge of the deadly combination of substances. Erin speaks with the victim of the 2008 case, who admits that she lied about who attacked her and reveals it was actually her boyfriend, whom she didn’t want to get into trouble. After visiting a nearby pharmacy, Danny and Baez get a new lead on the case. Meanwhile, Trudy gets started on painting Frank’s portrait. It’s revealed that they met many years ago at a bar, and Trudy drunkenly kissed Frank. Afterwards, Frank began visiting her galleries but never said hi.


Danny and Baez interview a hotel employee who brought food up to the basketball player’s room on the night of his death. While there, they discover that her mother has an extensive stock of prescription medications, and the employee flees the home when they’re speaking to her mom. Danny tracks her down, and the woman admits that she and the basketball player had a baby together. When she informed the father, he wanted nothing to do with her or the baby and claimed she was lying. She drugged him in the hotel as revenge. Erin apologizes to the wrongfully convicted man, who has since been freed, and his wife. Trudy finally reveals Frank’s portrait, and he is pleased, smiling discretely.

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