A public custody fight between Jon and Kate Gosselin was so ugly the police had to intervene

A dentist’s office argument between divorced parents and former reality stars Jon and Kate Gosselin ended in a visit from police in Wyomissing, Penn., according to TMZ.

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The pair were allegedly arguing over who would take one of their children home from their appointment, according to the New York Daily News. The pair have a custody agreement of some sort that covers their eight children but they’ve never made it public.

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Jon and Kate divorced in 2009; their show goes on under the name “Kate Plus 8.” All eight of their children are teenagers now.

While police responded to break up the fight between the two, no one was arrested; police instructed the two to mediate their custody issues in court.

It’s not clear who brought the child to the appointment, but Jon drove them home, according to New York Daily News.

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