This trooper kept a cop alive and the video is just too real

An Ohio state trooper is being honored for his heroic and swift lifesaving action.

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Earlier this year, Eric Devers arrived at the scene of an accident and rushed to a semi-truck that had run off the road to find its driver still buckled in, barely breathing, The Huffington Post reports.

Last week, Devers received a certificate of recognition from the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

After Devers got to the driver, the man’s eyes rolled back and he stopped breathing. Paramedics wouldn’t be at the scene for another 12 minutes, so Devers took action and performed CPR.

“Don’t you die on me,” he shouted, as can be heard on the dash cam video. “Don’t you die on me. Come on. Open your eyes; come on!”

The man began breathing on his own. Paramedics arrived, and transported him to a nearby hospital, where he made a full recovery.

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