A Twitter user just found a bunch of Easter eggs in massive Marvel group photo

Twitter/Marvel Studios

To commemorate their producing superhero movies for the past decade, Marvel released a star-studded photo with cast members from everything from “Iron Man” to “Black Panther,” and there’s a lot to unpack.

Upon close inspection of the picture, a Twitter user pointed out several of the many happenings in it and made some hilarious Marvel jokes and references along the way.

“Has anyone really looked at the Marvel 10 year anniversary class photo? Because there is so much going on!” the user began a thread of tweets. “RDJ looks like he just said, ‘This is my universe.’ And Feige was like, ‘The fuck did you just say?'”


“Chris Evans looks like he’s mad that he has to sit next to the man that tried to murder the love of his life!” he went on to joke.


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“Instead of saying ‘Cheese!’ they told Scarlett Johansson she’s finally getting a Black Widow solo film!” he cracked another one.


“Zoe Saldana was excited to be there, knowing she finally did a Marvel shoot without having to be painted green,” the user went on.


And the thread goes on and on, poking fun at the Marvel franchise, its films, storylines, and of course, the stars that bring all of their superheroes to life on the big screen. Take a closer look yourself to see if there’s anything or anyone he missed.

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