According to plastic surgeons, Ivanka Trump’s influence goes beyond just fashion and politics

Ivanka Trump, daughter of Republican Presidential Nominee Donald J. Trump, speaks during the final day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Thursday, July 21, 2016. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

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Ivanka Trump is a business-savvy woman who has held her own in the fashion industry, becoming a role model to young women with ambition. But it turns out women don’t just look up to Ivanka for her brains — according to plastic surgeon Franklin Rose, women also aspire to her beauty.

According to Rose, a Houston based plastic surgeon, there has been a real uptick in customers looking to more closely resemble President Trump’s eldest daughter. Patients seeking plastic surgery often show up for their first appointment with a photo of a celebrity to indicate the type of work they’d like to have done. For example, one might show a surgeon a photo of Angelina Jolie if the patient is seeking a lip filler. According to Dr. Rose, “Ivanka is sort of the new style icon for plastic surgery” within his practice.

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USA Today reports that one of Dr. Rose’s patients, 37-year-old Jenny Stewart, spent $30,000 to look more similar to Ivanka. That large sum was also a discounted fee because Stewart agreed to interview with reporters. Another one of his patients paid $60,000 to look like Ivanka Trump and was profiled in PEOPLE magazine. Dr. Rose isn’t surprised by the demand to look like Ivanka, given that the first daughter is a beautiful woman with covetable features such as a small nose and high cheekbones.

Dr. Rob Rohrich, another plastic surgeon based in Texas, agrees with Dr. Rose assessment of Ivanka Trump’s popularity and influence.

“Yes, absolutely, I have had a lot of patients in the past six months or more who ask about Ivanka’s great and sculpted, clean facial features, including her high cheekbones and beautiful skin and elegant nose,” says Rohrich.

However, it’s possible that this phenomenon is contained to Texas. According to two east coast surgeons profiled by USA Today, there has been no increase in demands to look like Ivanka Trump — primarily because their clients don’t seek plastic surgery to look like somebody else, instead they request that their surgeons enhance the natural features they already possess so that it can look as natural as possible.

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