Actor Luke Wilson is hailed as a hero for springing into action after that deadly car accident

PARK CITY, UT - JANUARY 20: Actor Luke Wilson attends the "Arizona" Premiere during 2018 Sundance Film Festival at Egyptian Theatre on January 20, 2018 in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Ernesto Distefano/Getty Images)

Actor Luke Wilson reportedly sprang into action after he was involved in a car accident that left one person dead.

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According to the Associated Press via the Hollywood Reporter, the actor pulled over his vehicle after a Ferrari clipped it on Tuesday and pulled a 50-year-old woman out of her BMW at the scene.

“He was the hero, he led the charge,” said tattoo artist Sean Heirigs, who was driving on the road when the crash occurred. He told AP that the Ferrari appeared to lose control and go into oncoming traffic before it collided with the BMW and Wilson’s Toyota. Heirigs said that he told his 14-year-old daughter to call for help as he ran to try to assist the woman who had been driving the BMW, which had flipped onto its side.

“She’s crying, she’s screaming, she doesn’t really know what happened, and she was dangling into the passenger side,” Heirigs said. “Her leg was stuck.”

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Heirigs said that he and Wilson were able to devise a plan to get the woman out of the vehicle.

“We were able to get her leg out from being stuck and then she came out and Luke was pulling her through the back trunk area and then we both carried her to the curb. And this was all going on while the Ferrari’s wheels are still spinning and blowing rubber and smoke everywhere, and it’s loud, and you’re smelling lots of smoke, and there’s glass,” Heirigs said.

The woman was hospitalized with serious injuries. Wilson and Heirigs were unharmed.

Professional golfer Bill Haas was reportedly in the Ferrari at the time of the accident. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene, while Haas was treated for injuries at a nearby hospital. His manager, Allen Hobbs told Golf Digest that Haas “escaped serious injuries and has been released from the hospital.”

He had pain and swelling in his legs, but no broken bones. Haas is reportedly returning to his South Carolina home to recover.

Police are reportedly investigating whether or not speed was a factor in the accident.

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