Actor Matt Damon is mourning this heartbreaking personal loss just days before Christmas

DEAUVILLE, FRANCE - SEPTEMBER 5: Actor Matt Damon and his father attend the 'The Bourne Supremacy' premiere at the 30th Deauville American Film Festival on September 5, 2004 in Deauville, France. (Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)

It’s going to be tough Christmas this year for Matt Damon as his father has sadly passed away after a long battle with cancer at the age of 74.

Kent Damon, a former stockbroker, died on Dec. 14, but news outlets just confirmed the heartbreaking news on Saturday. He had been fighting multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that affects the plasma cells in bone marrow. His son indicated that the illness was incurable at a fundraiser last year, telling fans his father was doing well and was prepared to “fight it to a standstill.”

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(EXCLUSIVE, Premium Rates Apply) TORONTO, CANADA – SEPTEMBER 7: Matt Damon and father Kent Damon at the Premiere of Warner Bros. “Michael Clayton” during the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival held at the Roy Thompson Hall on September 7, 2007 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Eric Charbonneau/Wireimage)

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“We’ve lost some close personal friends to cancer in recent years, but I never thought it would happen to my dad, the marathon runner,” Damon said at the time. “It sucked.”

It was speculated that Damon’s father’s condition had worsened in recent months, and the actor even had to miss the 2017 Britannia Awards due to a family emergency. Ever since his dad’s diagnosis, Damon had been doing all he could to raise awareness and money for cancer research.

“It’s been a slow unfolding; my dad’s sick, so that’s been a process we’re going through,” he opened up about his father’s health earlier this month. “We’ll take any prayers you got, so throw ’em up there.”

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