Adam Levine admitted to being very “jealous” of this “The Voice” contestant’s singing talents YouTube/The Voice
YouTube/The Voice (Aaron Gibson)

Week two of blind auditions on “The Voice” start this week, and we are pumped!

This just-leaked preview of what’s to come makes it certainly seem that the Week Two contestants are going to be even better than Week One!

Aspiring musician Aaron Gibson will take the stage this week and perform “Losing My Religion,” by R.E.M..

Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus and Blake Shelton all wanted him on their team from the beginning, but it was Adam Levine who was the most surprising.

“Man, I am jealous of your voice,” Levine said.

“And that’s why you didn’t push, because you are jealous, you mean?” Shelton teased.

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“You are the dumbest person I have ever known,” Levine retorted.

Before letting the girls talk to him, Shelton took a moment to pitch the aspiring singer to be on his team.

“I’ve been doing this a long time. I have a good track record, and I’d be happy to be your coach,” Shelton said.

Then it was Keys’ turn to plead her case.

“I feel like we could really come together and create some masterful pieces of music. And I know that I would be a beautiful match for you,” she said.

Cyrus got right to the point with her plea.

“I’m a fan of yours,” she said. “There’s been artists where I am amazed by them, but you’re someone I want to listen to in my car.”

Tune in Monday night on NBC to see whom Aaron Gibson picks as his coach on “The Voice.”

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