After six seasons, this “Talk” co-host has announced her departure from the series

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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Aisha Tyler announced on Thursday that she would be leaving CBS’ “The Talk” after being on the show since 2011. Tyler broke down in tears revealing the news on the show, leading to an emotional moment for her and the rest of her cast.

“I just realized I had to let something go, and it’s been the hardest decision of my life, because you guys are my family” Tyler said. “I love being with you every day and I love being out here with you every day.”

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Tyler revealed that her decision came from wanting to commit to other TV shows and to get into directing films. She added:

Every single one of you were so full of love and support for me and it made me feel very brave, very supported and very brave. This is my home, I’m going to come back to guest host, promote my movies here, I’m going to promote my shows here, I’m going to be haunting you.

Julie Chen confirmed that Tyler would be on the show until July, and said that Tyler “made the last six years of my life so solid and funny and smart and just secure, I couldn’t fly this plane with any other person to my right.”

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