Alexander Skarsgard debuts “bald hair” look, and fans don’t know what to do Ryan Pierse/Getty Images
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 14: Actor Alexander Skarsgard poses during the Legend of Tarzan Photo Call at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo on June 14, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

Besides being a great actor, Alexander Skarsgard is known for being a “hottie,” but with a new balding look, we aren’t sure what to think anymore.

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He debuted the new do’ on a red carpet event at the New York Stock Exchange, and in place of his normal blond locks, there was a giant patch of scalp. Fans were shook to say the least.

One person express what was on everyone’s mind. “Please tell me that I’m delusional and did not see Alexander Skarsgard’s new haircut correctly.”

Skarsgard was spotted earlier wearing a beanie atop his head and it explained so much.

Others are willing to overlook his unexpected look simply because he’s Alexander Skarsgard.

Although we’re not positive, the new hair is rumored to be for his new role in an upcoming film, “The Hummingbird Project.” If the internet is to be believed,  it’s no surprise that the consummate actor is willing to go above an beyond for his craft. Last time he switched up his hair this much, he was playing the ultimate king of the jungle, “Tarzan.”


As this Twitter user shared, it’s the “duties of a good actor.”

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