Amy Schumer Is Getting Roasted Online For Mental Health Parody

The ever-controversial comedian is playing defense after a barrage of criticism on social media for a recent joke.

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Amy Schumer is no stranger to jabbing others. After all, she appeared in Comedy Central’s roasts of Charlie Sheen and Roseanne Barr in 2011 and 2012, respectively. But now the comedian is finding herself in the hot seat — again.

The ever-controversial Amy Schumer is playing defense after a barrage of criticism on social media for a recent joke. Those assailing her claim she parodied mental health with a recent video on Instagram.

“I’ve decided, for my own mental health, to do more social media. I find that looking at my phone for eight and a half hours a day is helping me,” she said. 

Pointing to areas of her face, Schumer added: “And it’s helping this pimple patch and this breakout.”

She continued: “And, um, being in my 40s, it’s actually really good for me to watch all of Love Island and all of the Bachelors — whether in paradise or just normal mansions. So you’ll be seeing a lot more of me on social media just for my physical and mental well-being.”

She captioned the video, “important mental health announcement.”

Amy Schumer Swears She Wasn’t Mocking Tom Holland

As People noted, Schumer’s post came a day after Tom Holland said four days ago on his Instagram account that he was “taking a break from social media” for his own mental health.

”I find Instagram and Twitter to be overstimulating, to be overwhelming,” he said. The 26-year-old actor took shouted out, a U.K. nonprofit supporting teenage mental health.

On an Instagram Story posted Tuesday, Schumer clarified that she wasn’t mocking Holland.

“Not shading Spider-Man. Making fun of myself. Of course, social media is toxic!” she wrote in a screenshot.

Amy Schumer is no stranger to controversy. She previously faced accusations of plagiarism on multiple occasions. Also, she demanded that Netflix pay her as much as Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle. She shot down body-shamers years back as well.

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