Fans are salivating for any news about the upcoming Marvel movie “Avengers: Infinity War,” but a new action figure may have given away a smidge too much.

The toys from the upcoming “Avengers: Infinity War” hit toy stores this week and perceptive buyers spotted a detail that appears to give away a major key element from Captain America’s dark new look — and some fans are not sure if they’re loving it.

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One Twitter user wrote, “It looks like Captain America will have a new shield in Infinity War. I don?t know how I feel about it because it?s not circular…but get that man his shield.”

“I was really hoping it?d be a weathered and disgraced version of his regular shield,” griped another.

The updated black shield is a major change up from Cap’s classic all-American scheme, and some suggested that the Black Panther had something to do with it. In the trailer for the May 4 (sure-to-be-a) blockbuster, the Black Panther aka T’Challa aka the newly crowned King of Wakanda (played by Chadwick Boseman) demands that Captain America be given a new shield after he emerges from the shadows. For the uninitiated, Chris Evans’ Captain America went on the run as a fugitive after the events of “Civil War” and was unceremoniously stripped of his well-known prop (forged out of the finest vibranium found in Wakanda).


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Others made the connection between Marvel’s “Spider-Man Homecoming” and the third movie in the “Avengers” franchise, noting that Happy — Iron Man aka Tony Stark’s personal chauffeur — made mention of a new prototype for a shield.

These eagle-eyed viewers are gonna have to theorize over Captain America’s potential new look till they’re (red, white and) blue — *ba dum tss* — in the face, because we’re unlikely to get any answers until May. And for those who can’t wait for that particular Marvel Cinematic Universe fix, they’ll have February 16’s “Black Panther” premiere to tide them over.


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