Andrea Bocelli had a scary fall off a horse in Italy

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Andrea Bocelli, one of the world’s most famous tenor singers, was hospitalized after falling off a horse. The singer was riding near Pisa, Italy, when he fell, according to Page Six.

Bocelli had to be airlifted to a hospital via helicopter, according to TMZ. A rep for the singer told TMZ that he did hit his head, but that he “is back home and doing very well.” Bocelli even tweeted out to his fans, writing, “I feel great. It was just a trivial fall from a horse.”

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The 58-year-old singer has been blind since he was 12, according to the Daily Mail, but engages in a physically active lifestyle. TMZ has reported on Bocelli skiing, windsurfing and bike riding in the past. Bocelli even told the Daily Mail that he has been riding horses since he was seven.

“It’s my culture. I love the challenge,” he said. “I made my parents suffer a lot when I was younger. Every day I take risks with my life. With the bicycle, with the horses, in the sea, everywhere. I probably have an angel. A very careful guardian angel.”

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