As Hoda Kotb packed to leave for the Olympics, she had the kind of “help” only a mother could love

Hoda Kotb’s precious daughter Haley Joy helped her pack for her trip to the Olympics — and if you’re a mom, you know that’s the kind of “help” that makes your day a little longer but a whole lot warmer.

Kotb is joining the rest of NBC in Pyeongchang, South Korea for their coverage of the Winter Olympics, which opened this week.

Before she left, Kotb had a very busy helper at her side.

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Kotb posted the sweet video to Instagram earlier today, according to Entertainment Tonight. As Haley Joy throws a Team USA beanie into her bag, Kotb packs extra sweaters — she’ll need them!

“Thx to @jennabhager for the awesome hand-me-down poppy top!!!! Xxx,” she wrote in the video’s caption.

While the Winter Olympics are a very big deal for Kotb, we’re sure it was more than a little bittersweet to leave Haley Joy behind. After all, the pair only just celebrated the one-year anniversary of Haley Joy’s adoption last month.

Haley Joy will stay with boyfriend Joel Schiffman while she’s in South Korea. She can’t get back soon enough! Just last month, the new mom reflected on the day she first adopted Haley Joy — and understood it to be the first day of the rest of her life.

“That moment was the moment my heart felt at peace,” she said at the time. “I felt the most peaceful I’ve ever felt in my life right then, and every day since… I know motherhood has its trappings, but when you’ve waited as long as I have for it, you don’t think about that.”

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