Michael Kutcher: Who Is Ashton Kutcher’s Twin Brother?

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Christopher “Ashton” Kutcher was born on February 7, 1978, weighing a healthy 10.5 pounds. To everyone’s surprise, his unexpected twin brother Michael Kutcher followed minutes after, dangerously underweight at under five pounds.

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Michael likes to joke that Ashton “must have eaten everything while we were in the womb”. Even though he wasn’t expected to make it, Michael pulled through and went on to become an inspiring motivational speaker and Cerebral Palsy advocate. His fraternal twin brother Ashton, of course, would go on to become one of Hollywood’s most hilarious heartthrobs.

Read on to learn more about the two twin brothers and their unique relationship despite their very different worlds.

Who Is Ashton Kutcher?

Actor, producer, and model, Ashton Kutcher kicked off his Hollywood career with his memorable role as Michael Kelso in That ’70s Show. Following the show’s success, the actor went on to land starring roles in movies like Dude, Where’s My Car, No Strings Attached, and The Butterfly Effect. He also took over for Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men, and currently stars in the Netflix sitcom, The Ranch.

After his infamous marriage to Demi Moore, Kutcher married Mila Kunis, his former costar from That ’70s Show. The two celebs live with their two kids, Wyatt Isabelle and Dimitri Portwood, in California. They sold their Los Angeles home last year, and now live an oceanfront mansion in Carpinteria.

Who is Michael Kutcher?

Ashton Kutcher’s twin brother, Michael Kutcher, leads a different life. Growing up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Michael was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age three. After going into cardiac arrest at age 13, Michael received a life-saving heart transplant.

Further hardship would follow in high school when the twin brothers’ parents divorced. Fueled by his own struggles, Michael Kutcher went on to found Reaching for the Stars, an organization dedicating to empowering children with disabilities and Cerebral Palsy. An inspiring public speaker for Cerebral Palsy awareness and promote organ donation, Michael has called Ashton his best friend. Today, Michael lives in Denver, Colorado, where serves as Assistant Vice President for Transamerica.

Robert D. Ray Pillar of Character Award

During a speech accepting the Robert D. Ray Pillar of Character Award, Ashton shared the life lessons his twin brother has taught him, saying, “I was born a twin and from the moment I came into this world I had to share it with someone. I shared every birthday, every Christmas, I shared my bedroom, I shared my clothes, I shared everything I had in this world and I didn’t know that there was another way because I always had my brother with me.”

Kutcher continued, “My brother was born with cerebral palsy and it taught me that loving people isn’t a choice and that people aren’t actually all created equal. The Constitution lies to us. We’re not all created equal. We’re all created incredibly unequal to one another, in our capabilities and what we can do and how we think and what we see. But we all have the equal capacity to love one another, and my brother taught me that.”

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