Associate Testifies To Paying Hush Money During His Relationship With Todd Chrisley

Todd Chrisley is having allegations from his personal life made very public through the first few days of his trial.

While this is a bank and tax fraud case the innuendo was made about his sexuality when Mark Braddock, a former employee of Chrisley testified that the two of them had an “intimate” relationship before becoming more businesslike.

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Videos by Rare

Braddock then went on to explain that part of their business relationship was that he was responsible for paying the hush money when their relationship was found out by an anonymous harasser.

“Pay cash and we’ll shut up,” Braddock testified that the threatener texted.

He said that the alleged relationship between the two of them lasted about a year before it broke off. Braddock also said that he paid $38,000 to Todd, in a parking garage, to handle the ransom situation.

Braddock ended up working for the Chrisley family after the alleged affair happened, before being terminated in 2012.

After being dismissed, Braddock took his allegations to the federal government.

As an employee of Chrisley’s Executive Asset Management, Braddock is testifying that he had knowledge of the following:

  • Chrisley had spent more than $3.5 million from the sale of his first company in a year. He said that Chrisley went on a spree, buying Bentleys, other luxury cars, clothes, and other luxury items.
  • Chrisley also spent almost the entirety of the money when the second half of the $8 million payment came through.
  • Braddock said that he used Microsoft Word to create fake documents to inflate the Chrisleys’ income and valuations in order to acquire loans.
  • Braddock said that he also created fake documents for his own financial benefit.

Braddock has maintained that he only participated and remained involved in their business was because of his romantic relationship with Chrisley.

The Chrisley Empire began to take off in 2014 when their reality show launched.

At the time Braddock said the family was faking everything that they had.

“He needed $500,000 to $600,000 a month just to stay even,” Braddock said.

If convicted the IRS can seize their assets to satisfy the debt.

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