At his graduation speech, this high school valedictorian made a stunning announcement

Nobody doubts Konner Sauve’s intelligence. He’s the valedictorian of his high school, after all. And now, nobody doubts his heart either.

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The newly-minted high school graduate from Washington state revealed in his graduation speech earlier this month that he was the anonymous student behind an Instagram account posting heartfelt thoughts about classmates, ABC News reports.

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“I was nervous,” Sauve said. “It got really loud, but they were happy. Some of my close friends were like ‘why didn’t you tell me earlier?'”

He went totally off-script with the reveal. Not even the principal, Dottie Say, knew what was to happen.

“I couldn’t believe he was the one that did all these wonderful things for the kids,” Say said. “It was very positive to raise the morale and address the negativity of social media. He got a standing ovation from all of the seniors.”

For the last year, he’s been posting photos of more than 650 members of the classes of 2014 through 2017 with kind messages.

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Chloe Kahan, 16, was one of the first to be spotlighted on Sauve’s Instagram all those months ago.

“Konner went really out of his way — for me especially,” she said. “I lost my dad in August and he messaged me on the account. It was really sweet and I was able to open up to him, even though it was anonymous. There’s some accounts that bully others, but now we are really united and that’s all because of Konner.”

Now that Sauve has graduated, several other students have started similar anonymous accounts to do the same uplifting work.

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