Aussie girl who just wants to be Queen Elsa gets teased, but you won’t believe what strangers did for her Rachel Muir/Facebook

An Australian girl is getting a heck of a boost after being bullied over her choice of Disney princess.

Three-year-old Samara Muir was dressed up as Queen Elsa from “Frozen” at a Disney-themed event at a mall in May and got hateful, racist remarks from a bystander and her daughters, The Huffington Post reports.

In a Facebook post, mother Rachel Muir wrote that they said that Elsa wasn’t “black and that black is ugly.” For the record, Samara is actually of Aborigine descent.

“Racism is alive and well in the next generation,” she wrote.

That post went viral worldwide. In Adelaide (hundreds of miles from Samara’s hometown near Melbourne), she was named Queen Elsa of Australia, and Aussie rapper Adam Briggs has invited her to be in a music video. And here’s the cherry on top: Elsa “herself” shot this video to cheer her up.

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