‘Bachelor in Paradise’ fans, it’s official: We have a premiere

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

After an incident of “sexual misconduct” between contestants Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson on the first day of filming, the future of “Bachelor in Paradise” was in jeopardy.

ABC and Warner Brothers launched an investigation of the June incident, and were allegedly worried whether Olympios was even sober enough to give consent. Neither contestant would return to the set after the incident.

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It threatened to derail the series, scheduled to debut August 8th, entirely. However, in investigating the incident and reviewing video footage, it was determined that no wrongdoing had taken place. A separate team of investigators hired by Olympios came to the same conclusion.

And earlier this evening, ABC confirmed that the show would go on in a two-night season premiere.

The Sayulita, Mexico-based show now debuts August 14th, one week after it was originally scheduled to air.

Olympios and Jackson will even rejoin the cast for the fourth season’s reunion episode, though it’s not yet clear if they’ll be seen anywhere else (and they’re being very tight-lipped about it for now, according to Vulture).

It remains to be seen if, and how extensively, the show will address what happened between Olympios and Jackson. We’ll have to tune in and see.

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