“Biggest Loser” host Bob Harper is reflecting on the past year of recovery since he survived a heart attack that nearly took his life.

The fitness enthusiast took to Instagram on Friday and shared a “private” photo of himself in a hospital bed, hooked up to machine and in a coma after suffering the heart attack last year.

“I am sharing an extremely private photo with all of you today. This was me 1 year and 10 days ago, in a coma. TODAY I just did 18.1 (a CrossFit workout for for those of you that don?t know) @bricknewyork in the same room where I went into cardiac arrest,” he wrote. “To say I am grateful for my life is a MAJOR understatement. The whole time I did that workout I just kept saying to myself ?I?m still here?. I am doing the #crossfitopen2018 because I AM STILL HERE!!”

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Harper thanked all of his friends and family for their support through the year.

“Thank you to my #crossfitfamily and non CrossFit family for all of your encouragement. I?ll talk more about this today in my #twocupsin post. I am so LUCKY and SO GRATEFUL!!”

Fans shared their outpouring love and support in the comments section of the post and applauded Harper’s bravery.

“So grateful you lived you give so much to so many, the world would not have been the same without Bob Harper in it! Thankful for the doctors and the technology and the smart people around you who knew what to do! Happy 1 year, back and better than ever! You go Bob!” a fan wrote.

Last year, Harper was rushed to a New York City hospital after suffering a heart attack while working out at the gym. He was in a coma for two days and remained hospitalized for eight days.

In April 2017, he opened up about the experience on “TODAY.”


“I had what they call a ?widow-maker,’? he said. ?It was a six percent survival rate, and the fact that there were doctors in the gym when I had the heart attack saved my life.?

Since the heart attack, Harper said that he has learned a lot about himself and how genetics play a role in health issues. He also said that his doctors advised him to take it easy at the gym and take up the Mediterranean diet.

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