Britney Drops Minute-Long, Mostly Topless, Vacation Video

Britney is a very interesting follow on social media…

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Well, Britney Spears is on vacation, and that is about all we really know.

She also seems to really be enjoying herself — which is important, and great. But other than that, good luck trying to decode her latest Instagram posts.

It all began innocently enough, with Britney posing in her bathing suit on a boat. Nothing doing there. But her fans were sure pleased to see that she was out and about, soaking up some sunshine.

The Blast described the scene this way: “Britney, 40, captioned an Instagram post of her lying on a boat deck in a floral-patterned purple bikini. She is holding a bucket sunhat on top of her head as she raises another arm straight out above her.”

Oh but wait, there’s more. Much more. The picture was followed with a nearly minute-long video of Britney dancing, pretending to eat, and covering up her bare breasts.

The video begins with the ‘Gimme More’ singer clutching her straw hat to her chest to hide the fact that she’s topless, although she kept on her cheeky bikini bottoms,” per The Blast. “She’s holding up a plate of fruit and dancing around, her eyes hidden behind her signature aviator sunglasses before she makes a ‘nom nom’ motion to the plate.”

What is Brit talking about?

All that was followed by a picture of three random cheetahs and a message that seemingly even Britney herself can’t decipher.

She wrote:

“Pagan boast perpetual … Lemon cast … Republican hold up … Visual plagues … Phantom irony mathematical Pi … Serving serving serving … Don’t ask why … Domestication … Hand in fire … Repeat the prayer … Hold up hold up … Believe … Hmmm … Dunno … Sail sail sail !!! PS … Just words !!! I’m bored I have no idea what I’m saying … lol”

So, there ya have it. The new Britney keeping her image alive. But hey, at least she seems happy. And that should make all of us happy, too.

What do you think?

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