Britney Spears shows off the workout regimen that keeps her so spectacularly fit

“There’s nothing like mommy and workout time, the beautiful outdoors, and flipping into gear,” Britney Spears wrote in a recent Instagram post. And boy, is she ever serious about it.

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The pop star posted a video montage of a recent workout to her Instagram page, showing off everything she does to keep herself in performance shape, and it’s impressive.

Spears’ montage shows the star going through a well-balanced routine that included weights, stretching, calisthenics and other moves. At one point, she even pulls off a stand against the wall in a tiny white bikini.

If she wasn’t in shape, her schedule might exhaust her instead: Spears launched a world tour in May, and has shows planned in Las Vegas through the end of the year.

Clearly, the 35-year-old mom is taking on the world with no intention of slowing down.

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