It’s been nearly 14 years since “Friends” aired their final episode, but some people are only just now joining the fun. Years after North Americans were able to stream it, Netflix finally added all ten seasons of the much loved sitcom to its UK service just after midnight on New Year’s Eve, much to the delight of citizens across the pond.

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In its ten year run, we saw Monica, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Rachel and Joey dealing with mishaps in their relationships, jobs and, of course, their friendships while living in the Big Apple. Full of memorable moments — “We were on a break!” anyone? — the series launched its actors (and their hairstyles) into super stardom and ended its run with 63 Primetime Emmy nominations and six wins. To say it was a hit is probably an understatement. For these Brits finally getting in on the hype, it’s better late than ever. And, of course, they had a lot to say.

Late 90’s looks were obviously enviable — after all, they’re making a comeback. The perpetual lack of bras, however, raised more than a few eyebrows.


“1) was there no room in the wardrobe budget to purchase bras? 2) how cold were those sets?” one viewer wondered.

Many of the newbies weren’t fans of the popular Ross and Rachel love story, especially with Ross in particular. One tweeter couldn’t figure out “why people [liked him]” to begin with while another called him an “absolute turnip.”

“I’m watching friends for the first time and for f**ks sake can we just end the Ross/Rachel thing either way?” an observer griped. “Even when he’s getting married to someone else we gotta do it?


The oversized NYC apartment on the group’s scant paychecks has been one of many things debated over the years, but according to @RebeccaCNReid, there’s something that trumps it in implausibility.

“There?s an episode of Friends where a group of 26 year olds are shocked that they drank 5 bottles of wine between 7 people over an entire evening and honestly that?s way more unrealistic than the massive apartment thing,” she tweeted.

All in all, “Friends” will always have fans and even if they’ll never reunite onscreen — at least if Jennifer Aniston has her say — new faces can still get in on the action on the ground floor.

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