Reasons Why These 6 Fathers Are Our Favorite Celebrity Dads

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My father’s the most respected person in my life, an example of how I believe all men should act whether they do or don’t have kids. I don’t mind taking to social media to highlight how great he is every single year, and he honestly really enjoys our family’s cheesy Facebook posts for him. I love seizing Father’s Day as another opportunity to really make sure my pops understands how much I love and respect him.

Father’s Day’s a staple holiday to be celebrated in June, and so here at Rare, we’d like to say happy Father’s Day to all of the dads and father figures in our audience! To commemorate Father’s Day, here are six of our favorite celebrity dads. These celebrities have incredible reputations as fathers, and there’s no doubt that those unique qualities have been highlighted in their careers. I think it’d be difficult for anyone to disagree with our choices.

1. Robin Williams

The late legendary actor/comedian was known for the heart-warming characters he played throughout his career. Most of his characters always had a fatherly vibe, and it was not a secret that his own natural father-like personality contributed to playing these roles so well. Fathering two sons, Robin was respected so much as a dad that one of his sons named his own kid after him. Zak, Robin’s 37-year-old son, and his fiancee, Olivia June, gave birth to McLaurin Clement Williams in June 2019. McLaurin was Robin’s middle name, and the couple honored the late celebrity by passing his legacy down to his grandson. Robin even starred in the 2009 American satirical comedy, World’s Greatest Dad. As if that movie title didn’t already say enough about Robin as a father.

2. Kobe Bryant

The late professional basketball player was not only known for his incredible basketball record-breaking accolades, but also for his never-ceasing dedication to his family. Kobe was incredibly revered as a father, protecting and providing for a family of all women. He and his family were highly regarded for the support they gave each other while Kobe created and marked his legacy as one of the greater basketball players in history. He and his wife, Vanessa Bryant, were married for 20 years, raising four daughters. After he and his second eldest daughter, Gianna, tragically passed away in a helicopter crash, videos of their relationship surfaced to honor his legacy. There’s no doubt that Kobe owned his role as a dad.

3. Prince William

Topics surrounding the English royal family are global favorites, as many always wonder how the next generation of rulers will be. Prince William and his wife, Duchess Kate Middleton, have explained that they agreed to raise their children the way they personally believed best, even if it meant breaking tradition sometimes. Prince William’s mother, the late Princess Diana, was known for constantly breaking the norms on how children in the royal family were raised, and now, Prince William faithfully continues the legacy Princess Diana left as a mother. Now a father of three, Prince William has consistently been involved in his children’s lives, even from when he had just become a first-time dad.

4. Denzel Washington

The famous actor fathers four children and is known for being incredibly supportive in his children’s interests. Maybe a little too supportive in the funniest dad ways, but it’s all coming from pure love. Denzel told Fatherly, a digital media brand whose “mission is to empower men to raise great kids and lead more fulfilling adult lives,” that he tends to become a typical “sports parent” turning into that one overbearingly supportive parent on the sidelines. He also talked about supporting his son, John David Washington, in his dreams to play professional football. John David, who’s currently starring in HBO’s Ballers with the Rock, was actually a football running back for the United Football League’s Sacramento Mountain Lions for four years. Denzel supported John David’s dreams to be a professional football player, because his son’s motivation to play was to prove he could find his own success without his father’s great name. Denzel told Fatherly, “You know, you got 200 guys trying to get 40-something jobs. So he used to get, ‘Well, what are you doing out here? Your dad’s this …’ So that was his chip on his shoulder… He hated that. He hated it. He wanted to break your leg for saying that.” So the Oscar-winning actor made sure that John David knew that he had his dad’s support to make a name for himself.

5. Harrison Ford

The Star Wars legend is the father of five children over the course of three marriages. However, he never let that be an excuse to not be a good father to all of them. This includes Harrison being known to take on a fatherly role to his adopted stepson, Liam, who was adopted by Ford’s current wife, Calista Flockhart, before they eloped. Harrison mentioned in his interview on the Ellen Degeneres show, he mentioned how he and Liam have been skydiving together and are planning to do it again (noting that they will not be telling Calista their plans). He was also honored by his eldest son, Chef Ben Ford, who tweeted on Father’s Day in 2019 about how Harrison has impacted his life, especially becoming a professional chef. If you’re a Star Wars fan, then you might’ve just realized that Harrison’s real life experience as a father is much different than his fatherly role as Han Solo. Maybe Han Solo should take Kylo Ren skydiving too.

6. Liam Neeson

And of course, we can’t forget Taken star, Liam Neeson. Known for playing some of the biggest roles in the most popular action movies, including Star Wars, the A-Team, and of course the entire Taken trilogy, it shouldn’t be a surprise that he feels just as protective over his two sons as he does in his roles as an actor. Liam fathers two sons from his marriage to his late wife Natasha Richardson, and told Her, an Irish digital media brand for women, “It’s an ongoing joy being a dad. It’s always a joy but it’s a joyful worry. No matter what age they are, they’re still going to be your little boy or your little girl. And you are a hostage to love.” How adorable to see such a vulnerable side of this tough father! I still wouldn’t get any funny ideas about kidnapping and holding his kids for ransom.

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