Céline Dion was a total pro when a female fan jumped onstage and proceeded to hump her during a recent concert at her residency in Las Vegas.

The singer kept her cool during the awkward encounter after inviting the woman to join her onstage at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on Friday, according to Entertainment Tonight.

When Dion invited the seemingly intoxicated woman onstage, she was not prepared for what happened next. While speaking to the woman, she got a little close, but Dion handled it beautifully.

“Let me tell you something. I’m glad you came up onstage tonight,” Dion said. “I’m glad that … I thought you just wanted to come closer to me. But you know what, I’m glad you came closer to me.”

When the woman got excited and wrapped her leg around the singer, Dion tried to recover from the awkward moment by singing, “I love you. You love me,” as her bodyguards came onstage to try to handle the woman. Dion kept the fan calm by assuring her that her security team were “friends.”

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Dion told the woman that they had “something in common” — their love of their babies. “We are going to fight for them. And we’re [both] wearing gold. That’s a sign,” Dion said and hugged the woman.

When her security team tried to help the woman offstage, Dion shooed them away and told the woman she was going to help her offstage. During the exit, the woman appeared to trip and possibly lose a shoe, but Dion recovered by throwing herself on the floor to distract the audience.

After pulling herself up, Dion addressed the audience again with a serious tone.

“You know what? Some people go through a lot, and some people need to talk. And I want to say thank you to all of you, because for maybe five minutes, we had given this lady a moment to talk,” she said as the audience cheered. Dion went on to thank her security for “doing what they were supposed to do.”

“I think it was so important. Thank you for your patience tonight,” she said to the audience before checking on the woman once more. “I just want to make sure she’s fine. I don’t know her, but I love her!”

Nicole is a content editor with Rare. 
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