Céline Dion totally fangirled over Cher’s iconic performance at the Billboard Music Awards

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No one loved Cher’s performance at the Billboard Music Awards more than Céline Dion!

After taking the stage with an iconic performance of “My Heart Will Go On,” Dion was spotted backstage dancing and singing in front of a TV monitor as Cher performed onstage.


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We totally get it! The performance was out of this world!

Cher was awarded the ICON Award on Sunday evening and took a moment to really thank those who have helped her get so far in her career.

“I have wanted to do what I have wanted to do since I was 4 years old,” she told the audience. “I think luck has so much to do with my success. I think it was a little bit of luck and something else thrown in that had a little bit to do with my success.”

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