Comedian Pete Davidson opens up about his mental health on “SNL”


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

“Saturday Night Live” star Pete Davidson took a moment to address his struggles with mental health on this Saturday’s episode.

Davidson recently revealed that he was formally diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and had a frank, yet funny conversation regarding the topic with Colin Jost on “Weekend Update.”

“As some of you may know, I was recently diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, a form of depression,” Davidson began. “Depression affects more than 16 million people in this country, and there’s no cure, per se. But for anyone dealing with it, there are treatments that can help. First of all, if you think you’re depressed, see a doctor and talk to them about medication. And also be healthy: Eating right and exercise can make a huge difference.”

Davidson said that he found one way that really works for him when dealing with the depression.

“Finally, if you’re in the cast of a late-night comedy show, it might help if they, you know, do more of your comedy sketches,” he said, adding, “I was born depressed, but it might make me feel better if I was on TV more!”

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The comedian joked that all of his sketches “suck because they’re all written by a depressed person,” but he had a note from a “doctor” that had the perfect remedy for him.

“To whom it may concern: Please use Pete in more sketches where he gets to kiss the host, and use more of his rap videos, which I hear are actually really good,” the “letter” read. “Also: He should play Rex Tillerson a lot. Signed, Pete Davidson’s Doctor.”

Viewers took to social media to praise Davidson for getting candid about mental health awareness on an otherwise funny show.

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