Danielle “Cash Me Outside” Bregoli — now going by “Bhad Bahbie” after being launched into stardom following her appearance on the “Dr. Phil Show” — has somehow managed to continue her 15 minutes of fame yet again with a new music video.

Bregoli released the video for her rap song, “I Got It,” this week. In it, the teenager proves she’s got it by flaunting her money and poses in the driver’s seat of an expensive car even though she does not have a driver’s license yet.

“I ain’t got friends, I got groupies,” goes the most recognizable line from the song, during which Bregoli is seen being followed by look-a-likes everywhere she goes and making them count her money.

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Bregoli signed a record deal with Atlanta Records back in September and released her first music video, “These Beaux.” The song was unexpectedly successful, with the music video getting tens of millions of views. She was also posted at #77 on the Hot 100 chart, making her the youngest female rapper to land a spot.

The teen gained unprecedented fame when she appeared on the “Dr. Phil Show” earlier this year as a troubled and out-of-control teenage girl who frequently fought with her mother. While there, she famously told the audience, whom she referred to as “hoes,” to “cash me outside, how bow dat?” She reached internet stardom soon after and seems to be cashing in on the fame.

Bregoli pleaded guilty to charges of grand theft, grand theft auto, possession of marijuana and filing a false report in Florida in July. She was sentenced to five years of probation.

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