On what would have been the late Anna Nicole Smith’s 50th birthday, Larry and Dannielynn Birkhead traveled to the actress’s final resting place in the Bahamas to celebrate her life.

“I’m gonna call it her 11th 39th birthday,” Birkhead joked.

The proud father, who has fought hard to keep his daughter out of the spotlight following her mother’s tragic accidental overdose in 2007, took the 11 year old to the Bahamas to “let [Dannielynn] know why her mom loved this place so much.” The Caribbean destination held a special place in Smith’s heart and was also where Dannielynn was welcomed into the world in 2006. It’s also where Birkhead fought for custody of her during a paternity dispute with Howard K. Stern.

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According to Birkhead, locals have “come out screaming, ‘The people’s princess Dannielynn is here,’ because her birth was such a big deal. It’s special to bring her back and share her with the people.”

Three days after Dannielynn’s birth, Smith’s 20-year-old son Daniel passed away inexplicably in her hospital bed while visiting her. His death was later ruled an overdose, and the tragedy sent the devastated mother into a downward spiral. When it comes to explaining Smith’s complicated past to Dannielynn, Birkhead was upfront about what he’s told his daughter about her.

“I’ve always told her good things, and I’ve told her some of the things that weren’t so great to the extent that she’s able to understand them right now and just give her a balance of things,” he said. “She knows we only take medication we’re supposed to take and how we’re supposed to take it.”

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