Deleted scene from “The Breakfast Club” appears online — and we’re into it

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

“The Breakfast Club” goes down in film history as a classic, and fans just got a special look at a missing scene.

In honor of Criterion’s special edition release of the teen flick, Vulture released a never-before-seen clip featuring the resident Princess and Basketcase meeting under pretty disgusting circumstances. The old school moment featured Molly Ringwald’s Claire and Ally Sheedy’s Allison chatting in a school bathroom, or something close to it anyway.

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Claire can be heard calling out her detention buddy for making sure to wash her hands, even though she was eating lunch inches away from toilet stalls. Claire then makes an attempt to bond with a silent Allison. In a moment that makes us a little bit glad this scene stayed on the cutting room floor, Allison purposefully seeks to repulse the redhead by dropping what appears to be a Dorito into the public sink before pulling it back out and munching on it.

Disgusted, Claire makes her way out the door, leaving behind all attempts to be friendly. This obviously wasn’t the end for the duo because — 32-year-old spoiler alert — Sheedy and Ringwald’s characters eventually forged a friendship with the latter doing the former’s makeup.

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It’s clear from its box office success, the John Hughes mega-hit did just fine with what we saw — and loved — onsreen.

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