Doctors had no faith in this infant’s survival, but his mom never lost hope YouTube Screenshot

Baby Jude Peters is a warrior.

While residing in his mommy’s belly, doctors didn’t believe he would survive. They tried to fill his mom’s head with doubt and discouragement, but she followed her heart.

“They prepared us that Jude might not be compatible with life outside the womb,” said Jude’s mommy, Hannah Peters.

Hannah’s doctors noticed that Jude wasn’t growing properly throughout the pregnancy. They told her that his lifespan would be a mere two weeks and that he wouldn’t cry at birth, due to the weakness of his small body. The doctors were wrong.

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“They held him up in the air so I could see him and we always say it was a ‘warrior cry.’ He really did, he let out a ‘warrior cry,'” said Hannah.

After a couple of days, Jude was diagnosed with Type 1 RCDP, a genetic disorder which is a form of dwarfism or shortening of the bones in his arms and legs. Less than 100 kids worldwide are diagnosed with RCDP.

“When we first started learning about RCDP, it was really scary, you know? You get on Google and Google tells you, say ‘goodbye,'” Hannah added.

Her son’s better name, “Super Jude,” has been an inspiration to people around the world.

“It’s really amazing to see all of the support and we couldn’t do it without Jude’s tribe,” said Hannah. With her faith and Super Jude’s strength, this little boy has many, many more years to go.

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