Drug-free and ready for the next step, Miley Cyrus opens up about the next chapter BILLBOARD/MILEY CYRUS/INSTAGRAM

Millions of people around the world watched Miley Cyrus grow up in front of the cameras, on social media and with her music. The former Disney star’s image went from that of a curly-haired, crooning, bubblegum pop star to sex-fueled, weed smoking, dildo wielding alt-icon in just a few months. She was briefly engaged to actor Liam Hemsworth, who she has since reunited with, and made headlines for baring her tattoos, boobs and genitals in a variety of unique and often shocking manners.

Now, all of that seems to be behind her.

In a new interview with Billboard, Cyrus, now 24, admits that she hasn’t smoked weed in several weeks and has enjoyed a more quiet existence.

“I’m not doing drugs, I’m not drinking, I’m completely clean right now! That was just something that I wanted to do.”

According to Cyrus, her new album will be a return of sorts to her more country-inspired work. She reminds Billboard that Dolly Parton is her godmother and that her country roots run deep. Cyrus explains that her over-the-top persona was part of growing up.

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“All the ­nipple pastie shit, that’s what I did because I felt it was part of my political movement, and that got me to where I am now. I’m evolving, and I surround myself with smart people that are evolved.”

Though she may be done with wearing fake penises on stage and twerking her way across the Internet, Cyrus insists that her progressive principles are still intact.

“I needed some sparkle in my life, to make me able to deal,” Cyrus says. “Radiating love is ­something that is important to me — ­hopefully, that is being political.”

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